Choosing the right attorney to represent you in your Florida divorce can make a tremendous difference in the outcome you receive. You need a compassionate attorney who understands the family laws applicable in your situation, who can efficiently and effectively apply those laws, and who aggressively fights for the client’s best interest and the best interests of the client’s family. We are the law firm you need. We understand you are going through a challenging time and making decisions that are life-changing for you and your children.

Our Palm Beach County divorce attorneys provide the support and legal guidance you need as you begin this new chapter in your life. Contact the Law Offices of Paul J. Burkhart, PL at (561) 880-0155 to schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers to discuss the steps to dissolve your marriage in Florida.

Dissolving Your Marriage in Florida

Seeking a divorce can be a traumatic life event that can be complex, lengthy, and emotionally draining. However, we believe our job as your attorneys is to help you navigate the process as efficiently as possible.  This includes trying to mediate a solution that gives you the most positive outcome possible in your situation.

Regardless of whether your case involves complex issues related to custody, domestic support, property division, or debt division, our goal is to help you amicably resolve issues to make the process less costly and stressful for you and your children. If your spouse refuses to negotiate in a fair and just manner, our attorneys are skilled, aggressive litigators who are fully prepared to argue the matter in court to protect you and your children.

Some people say they feel powerless as they go through the divorce process. Our knowledgeable and experienced divorce lawyers understand your apprehension so we explain the court process and the laws in a way that you can understand. We want you to feel comfortable with each step as we work to obtain the results that you desire.

A divorce can disrupt every aspect of your life — we want to minimize that disruption to lessen the fear, anxiety, and stress you feel as you reorganize your life to protect your children, your assets, and your future. Call the Law Offices of Paul J. Burkhart, PL at (561) 880-0155 to learn more about how we can help you begin the divorce process in Palm Beach County.

Tailoring an Approach That is Best for Your Family

Florida has adopted a process called “dissolution of marriage” to end the marital relationship. However, most people continue to refer to the process as a divorce. Each family is unique; therefore, each case is different with various goals depending on the situation and circumstances. We approach each client as an individual and tailor the experience to the client’s needs and goals.

Depending on your situation, you may obtain a divorce through a Simplified Dissolution of Marriage. To qualify for a simplified divorce, you and your spouse cannot have children together, and you must agree on all issues related to property division and the division of marital debt. A simplified divorce is not for all parties. Most parties apply for a regular dissolution of marriage.

Even though you do not qualify for a simplified divorce, that does not mean your divorce must be complex and contentious. Our Palm Beach Gardens divorce attorneys are also skilled in collaborative divorce law and divorce mediation. In most cases, parties who can settle matters related to Parenting Plans, time-sharing agreements, property division, and spousal support in a cooperative manner achieve outcomes that produce long-term, amicable situations where all parties can move forward in a positive manner. This is usually the best situation for the parents and the children.

Sadly, all marriage cannot end in an amicable manner. Our lawyers have experience handling contested divorces where the parties cannot agree on any terms, even after divorce mediation. In these cases, we are prepared to be strong advocates in the courtroom to protect your legal rights regarding child support, timesharing, alimony, and property division. While we still seek to find resolutions to contested matters without the necessity of allowing a judge to make important decisions for you, we will not hesitate to argue your case before a judge to ensure your spouse does not trample on your legal rights or the rights of your children.

Dedicated, Experienced Palm Beach County Divorce Attorneys

When you make the decisions to dissolve your marriage, it is important to have an attorney who cares about you on your side. An attorney who listens to your concerns and responds accordingly. Our Palm Beach Gardens divorce attorneys are accessible, compassionate, aggressive, and knowledgeable — everything you want in an attorney.

Going through a divorce can be emotionally and financially draining. Palm Beach Gardens divorce attorneys of the Law Offices of Paul J. Burkhart, PL support you as you go through the process of ending your marriage.

Contact our office by calling (561) 880-0155 to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys. We will answer your questions about divorces in Florida and provide you with a detailed plan for dissolving your marriage so you can move forward into the next phase of your life.