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Paul Burkhart is now a licensed Florida Civil Law Notary

The Law Offices of Paul J. Burkhart, PL are proud to announce that Attorney Paul J. Burkhart has been appointed as a Florida Civil Law Notary.  A Civil Law Notary, also known as a Florida International Notary is appointed by the Florida Secretary of State for life. Civil Law Notaries are required to complete extensive…

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Fixing the Sample Music Industry: A Proposal for a Sample Compulsory License

The law of sampling needs a drastic overhaul to fix its present issues. Click here to read a proposal for a sample compulsory license  

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Tips for Preventing Small Business Lawsuits

by Jane Haskins, Esq. If you own a small business, you’re probably more worried about cash flow and making the next sale than a possible lawsuit. But small businesses can and do get sued, and the legal fees alone can easily approach $100,000 if your case goes all the way to trial. The impact of a…

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Firm receives 2016 Client Distinction Award

The Firm received the 2016 Client Distinction Award by Martindale-Hubbell. Less than 1% of attorney’s are given this honor

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Early Adopters

Some startups may find value in hiring in-house lawyers sooner rather than later. by Marlisse Silver Sweeney Corporate Counsel July 2016  

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LLC vs. Corporation – Which One is Right for Me?

by Jane Haskins, Esq. Freelance writer So you’re starting a business and you’ve done enough research to know that you should form a business entity. But you may have questions about which is best—LLC or corporation. In fact, what is an LLC? Is an LLC a corporation, or is it something different? Here are some tips and guidelines that will…

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