The Law Offices of Paul J. Burkhart handle numerous types of real estate transactions, including the purchase and sale of residential and commercial real property.  We also represent clients in various types of litigation cases involving real estate.  We understand the importance of these matters and how significant they can be in the lives of the people we represent.

Our attorneys draft and review purchase and/or sale contracts, notes and mortgages and assist in landlord/tenant issues, and provide personal service, no matter what the scale of the transaction. Additionally, we have in-house title insurance services, providing convenience and security to clients, as well as the essential legal oversight.  There are many things that can potentially go wrong during what may seem to be a simple real estate transaction, but with an attorney to assist and guide you, they are often avoided.

Our staff has knowledge in the areas of leasing and management of real property, title defects, boundary disputes, easements, mortgage disputes, foreclosures and loan workouts. Buying, selling or dealing with a real property dispute is often one of the largest and most stressful things people undertake during their lifetime.  It is important to consult with an attorney in order to protect your rights and identify potential problems or issues as soon as possible. Our attorneys can assist with contract review, title examination, closing document preparation and review, even issues that may occur after closing.  We also offer assistance in long-distance real estate purchase and sale, as well as property management, leases, tenant disputes and homestead issues.