Founders’ Agreements


The Importance of Severance Agreements

A Guide to Child Support and Alimony Modification in Florida

Divorce Knowing when to seek a child support or alimony modification is important. When couples agree to separate, many lifestyle changes ensue and alimony and child support must be agreed upon or concluded with a judge’s ruling. Alimony and child support are issues decided based on the existing financial conditions at the time. These financial […]

Law Firm Dissolution – How to Dissolve Your Law Firm or Law Partnership

Law Firm Dissolution Partnerships and law firms are formed by lawyers who have common professional interests with intentions to practice together for the foreseeable future. Sometimes, these plans do not work out, and the partners may head toward dissolving the firm.  Partners leaving, partners disagreeing, financial instability, and lack of planning are some warning signs […]

Private Equity, Investment Management, and the Law

Private Equity  Private equity law involves negotiating, structuring, and documenting a variety of transactions including fund formations, venture capital investments, control acquisitions of public and private companies, and dispositions of previously acquired companies or investments.

Everything to Know About Independent Contractor Agreements in Florida

Independent Contractors Independent contractor agreements are essential in Florida if you are a self-employed worker, not an employee of a particular company. Knowing whether you are a self-employed contractor or an employee of a company is crucial, in part because it affects your eligibility for workers’ compensation and pensions.

Expectations of The American Arbitration Association

American Arbitration Association (AAA) The American Arbitration Association is the largest and well known alternative dispute resolution forum dedicated to the development and widespread use of prompt, effective, and economical methods of dispute resolution. The AAA administers approximately 150,000 cases annually.

Civil Law Notaries and How They Benefit the U.S. Legal System and Immigration Laws

Paul J. Burkart; Civil Law Notary When most people hear the term notary, a notary public comes to mind. A notary public is someone who witnesses the signing of legal documents and administers oaths. While a notary public performs important tasks, notary publics are not required to have legal training and are not granted legal […]

Everything You Need to Know about Professional Services Agreement

What is a Professional Services Agreement? When a business contracts professional services, a professional services agreement is required. Professional services are any services that are provided by a contractor with specific qualifications, high-level skills, and expertise to complete a project-based task.