Expectations of The American Arbitration Association

American Arbitration Association (AAA) The American Arbitration Association is the largest and well known alternative dispute resolution forum dedicated to the development and widespread use of prompt, effective, and economical methods of dispute resolution. The AAA administers approximately 150,000 cases annually.

Civil Law Notaries and How They Benefit the U.S. Legal System and Immigration Laws

Paul J. Burkart; Civil Law Notary When most people hear the term notary, a notary public comes to mind. A notary public is someone who witnesses the signing of legal documents and administers oaths. While a notary public performs important tasks, notary publics are not required to have legal training and are not granted legal […]

Everything You Need to Know about Professional Services Agreement

What is a Professional Services Agreement? When a business contracts professional services, a professional services agreement is required. Professional services are any services that are provided by a contractor with specific qualifications, high-level skills, and expertise to complete a project-based task.

The Ultimate Guide to Estate Planning in Florida

Wills and Testaments Between 50% and 80% of all Americans and 92% of all people under age 35 do not have a will. Many are in denial about possible death, with many people thinking it is unnecessary or too expensive to write a will.

Are Liquidated Damage Provisions Enforceable by Law?

What is a Liquidated Damage Provision? A contract is a written agreement between two or more parties each agreeing to certain things. When a party fails to perform under the contract, Florida law allows non-breaching parties to recover compensation from any damages incurred.

What is a Florida Civil-Law Notary?

Notary Public Have you ever needed to have your signature witnessed and notarized? Notary Publics are important persons with integrity in our society appointed by state government to serve as impartial witnesses when a member of the public signs important documents. They are appointed for four-year terms.

What Every Business Owner Needs to Know About Shareholder Derivative Lawsuits

Shareholder Derivative Lawsuits Shareholder derivative lawsuits are claims that belong to the corporation but are filed by individual shareholders because the management or Board of Directors is unwilling or unable to initiate the lawsuit. These lawsuits are used to expose fraud or other breaches and can also be a practical course of action when management […]

Trademarks: 5 Things You Need to Know About Registering Your Logo or Slogan  

  What Is a Trademark? Your logo or slogan represents your business and needs protection before being unveiled to the public. Once your logo appears on labels or packaging, it is considered a trademark. A distinctive word, slogan, or logo that connects the product to its creator trademark is a mark of trade. A trademark […]

Three Common Problems In Business Contract Disputes and How to Avoid Them

Contract Disputes Having a dispute with a family member or friend is never fun. When disputes over contracts occur In business, it is not only inconvenient, it can be potentially costly. In business, the practice of creating legally binding agreements is a large part of running any business. Purchasing goods, selling goods, and partnering with […]

Buying a Business: Your Due Diligence Checklist

Buying a Business Buying a business is a huge decision which requires careful analysis. Even with the many advantages purchasing an existing business offers, it is a venture that should not be entered into lightly. An existing business offers established relationships with regular customers and suppliers. While these established relationships make the business less challenging […]