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Controversial Letter Targeting Rehab Opposition

Story by Peter Schaller / CBS 12 News
JUNO BEACH, Fla. — Imagine getting a letter telling you someone wants to look through your private phone records, text messages, emails, even your computer hard drives.  That’s exactly what’s happening to Juno Beach families that are fighting a drug rehab facility in their neighborhood.

These families stood up and spoke out against the drug rehab at town council meetings and many shared their stories with CBS 12.  Because of that, they’re now the target of the letters, sent to them from the attorney for the drug rehab.

“Good luck, it did not scare me,” said Juno Beach resident Charlotte Parker.

Charlotte says this is proof that the fight is getting dirty.  The battle to legally operate a drug rehab on Venus Drive hasn’t been easy for Recovery Resources.  The neighbors say it doesn’t belong here.

Families opposing the rehab scored a big win last month.  The town council voted down a plan that would keep the rehab in the neighborhood for another 10 years.

These letters came next, sent to the families that spoke out against the rehab.

CBS 12 emailed all 5 town council members, none of them responded.

CBS 12 then waited for Wednesday night’s meeting at town hall to end to catch Mayor Morton Levine.

He said, ” I’m not even certain if sending out that type of letter is proper both legally or ethically.”

At the request of CBS 12, attorney Todd Kurland  reviewed the letter.  He doesn’t represent any party in this fight.

“It could certainly be seen as a tactic,” he said.

So will all these personal files and messages go public?

Neighbors say they’ll fight this too.

Charlotte said, “They’re trying to make the people of Juno Beach not stand up and speak at the council meetings.”

The attorney for the rehab, James Green, refused to comment on the letters.