If your Florida business is being sued… You will want to listen carefully to this, because what you do when you get the news can make a big difference in the outcome. First… Read the lawsuit carefully — several times of necessary. Not only will it give you a better grasp on the specifics of the complaint, but you may spot, and be able to counter, discrepancies and mis-information Next… Contact your insurance provider. Many businesses carry some form of insurance, so let your provider know about the lawsuit ASAP. Number 3… Pay attention to deadlines. In Florida, you have 20-days to respond and if you don’t you may end up handing a win to the plaintiff. Plus, you want to give your attorney time to prepare. Don’t ignore a lawsuit. It won’t go away and the sooner you take steps to defend your business the better. 5th… Don’t try to handle it yourself or confront the plaintiff. You’ll only increase your chances of saying or doing something that will jeopardize your case. Finally… Hire a qualified attorney! You need someone with skill and experience in business law. So call Paul Burkhart today… or visit paulburkhart.net.