Litigation Defined:

‘Litigation covers the process of bringing and pursuing, or defending a lawsuit, and encompasses the entire procedure. A lawsuit is a case or controversy authorized by law, to be decided in a court of justice, brought by a person(s) or entity/entities against another person or entity for the purpose of enforcing a right or redressing a grievance.’

Business Disputes and Commercial Litigation 

Business litigation involves virtually any type of dispute that can arise in a business context. When business disputes do arise, business litigation can help remedy them. If your mediation or negotiations are not doing the trick, Paul J. Burkhart, an experienced Business litigation attorney, can help you resolve your dispute. 

Even the most iron-clad agreements can lead to business disputes costing business’ substantial amounts of time and money. Paul J. Burkhart can be entrusted with your business to provide legal guidance.

 Paul Burkhart

The Law Offices of Paul J. Burkhart provides personal, experienced service to all of our clients. An experienced business litigation attorney such as Paul J. Burkhart will help clients resolve disputes cost-effectively, often before a trial process, and with minimal distractions. Thanks to his creative thinking and actions, he is the attorney you want to represent your business. The Law Offices of Paul J. Burkhart provides personal, experienced service to all of our clients. Our attorneys have years of experience in all areas of business law and business litigation and can handle matters for any sized business or dispute, including:

 Paul J. Burkhart specializes in:

  •  Partnership Disputes
  • Corporate Entity Creation and Wind-up
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Investor and Shareholder Issues
  • Landlord-Tenant Disputes
  • Other Business Law Services

And Has Experience in These Business Disputes as Well:

  •  Misuse of Intellectual Property:  Patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. 
  • Fraud and Deceptive Trade Practices: Misrepresentations and fraud in business transactions.
  • Securities Law Violations: Deceptive practices involved with buying and selling stocks, bonds, and mutual funds including buying and selling privately or on New York Stock Exchange.
  • Abuses of Trust:  Breaches of fiduciary duties by persons in positions of trust, including corporate officers and directors, agents, trustees, partners, or majority shareholders.
  • Employer/Employee Disputes:  Overtime, disabilities, health and pension benefits, and discrimination.
  • Collection of Debt:  Promissory notes, guaranty agreements, and mortgages/deeds of trust.
  • Breach of Contract:  Mergers and acquisitions, purchases and sales of securities, transactions in real estate and other business assets, and agreements to provide goods or services.
  • Tortious Interference with Contract:  A third party’s preventing performance of an agreement.
  • Non-compete Agreements: Non-competition, and non-disclosure agreements by former business owners and employees. These suits often include requests for emergency relief such as a restraining order or pre-trial injunction.

Business Attorney Palm Beach Gardens

 Paul J. Burkart

 At the Law Offices of Paul J. Burkhart, business and commercial litigation are our specialties. We proudly serve all of our clients’ business law and litigation needs by providing personal, experienced service to all of our clients.

 Our team assists both individuals, and business clients with all their legal needs, including business and Corporate Transactions, Business/Commercial and Civil Litigation, Real Estate, Intellectual Property, Family Law, and Estate Planning matters. We are a full-service private law firm ready to assist you with any request, large or small. Call 561-880-0155 or visit our website.


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