Alimony can be awarded in a dissolution of marriage either by agreement between the parties or via a determination by the court. But what happens if the circumstances of either party change after the final judgment has been entered?

Alimony modification laws in the State of Florida are considered to be far more progressive than other states. Provided that alimony was part of the original ruling, significant life changes for either the payer or the payee can lead to modification or, in certain circumstances, even termination of alimony payments.

Attorney Paul J. Burkhart advises, “People’s financial situations change all of the time. These changes could be positive – such as getting a raise at work or winning the lottery – or negative – such as long-term loss of employment or serious health issues. Whatever the situation, you will want an experienced attorney to make sure any modification to your dissolution of marriage settlement is fair for you.”

Unfortunately, the process of seeking to modify an alimony settlement can be just as complex and lengthy as the original dissolution of marriage, so whether you are seeking to request a modification, or have been served a petition by your former spouse, you will want an experienced attorney by your side to make sure you get the most favorable outcome possible through mediation or, if need be, through trial.

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