Private Equity 

Private equity law involves negotiating, structuring, and documenting a variety of transactions including fund formations, venture capital investments, control acquisitions of public and private companies, and dispositions of previously acquired companies or investments.

Private equity lawyers form funds and help the private equity firms negotiate the terms on which investors invest their cash, and act for the private equity fund when an investor buys or sells their investments.

Private Equity

Private equity firms take cash along with bank debt to buy companies with the goal to sell them for a much higher profit. These equity firms work with funds their clients are prepared to part with for a substantial amount of time.

Investment management attorneys help private equity firms negotiate the terms when investors contribute their money and act for the private equity fund when it buys and sells any investments.

Types of Investments

  • Venture Capital: Venture Capital: Investors put money into startup companies or small businesses to sell to a private equity firm or to go public which is higher-risk for the investor, but gives them the potential to make above-average returns.
  • Investment Management: Professional management of shares and bonds to meet an investor’s specific investment goals. Paul J. Burkhart specializes in structuring, forming and regulating all types of investment funds.
  • Hedge Fund: A private, managed investment fund whose aim is to provide returns to investors by investing in a diverse range of markets using a diverse range of investment tools. Hedge funds aim to make a positive return on investments whether the market is rising or falling.
  • Mutual Fund: An investment that pools money from many investors to purchase securities which are regulated and sold to the general public.
  • Real Estate: A real estate investment fund is a publicly traded investment that uses investor’s money to invest in property.

Paul Burkhart:

  • Advises clients on structure.
  • Represents private equity firms for their litigation and transaction needs.
  • Assists clients with the process by preparing materials, preparing partnership agreements, creating compensation agreements, and closing transactions.
  • Acts for private equity firms when it buys or sells its investments.
  • Negotiates contracts.
  • Advises clients on the continually changing regulatory issues.

Paul J. Burkhart

Paul J. Burkhart represents private equity firms.  Paul J. Burkhart is an experienced attorney who can help with acquisitions, investments, and sales.

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