What Are Professional Services?

Does self-employment sound exciting? Is the business you want to start product-based or service-based? A service business provides expertise and creativity, not tangible goods. Professional service firms provide a service and their success is reliant on their skills and reputation.

Professional services are occupations in the service sector requiring special training in the arts or sciences. Some professional services require holding professional licenses such as architects, accountants, engineers, doctors and lawyers. They are any profession offering customized, knowledge-based services to its clients.

Professional service businesses support clients in their business or personal lives without selling physical items. These businesses typically cost less to start and run. There is no manufacturing, inventory purchases, or shipping goods. If you have the right skill set and expertise, you can start a professional service firm. Some types of professional services may be able to be run remotely.

Professional service businesses do face competition among other providers offering the same service and must consider their pricing carefully, so it is competitive, but adequate for the provider’s time and experience. Service providers are selling themselves as their product, so a solid reputation is essential.

How to Start a Professional Service Business

  • Apply for Necessary Licenses – professional service businesses require special licenses and compliance. It is wise to have a business attorney guide you through what is required for your specific business.
  • Establish a Legal Identity – Deciding if you will be an LLC or a limited liability company is necessary. You will have to pay a fee to create the business agreement.
  • Decide Where Your Business Will Be – Will you work remotely, lease space, or buy? Decide what kind of space you need; conference room, reception area, and the costs involved for furniture, internet, and electricity.

StartIng a Professional Service Business – Tips For Success

  1. Know your service’s worth in the marketplace and set fair prices, but do not undersell yourself. Research what other providers with similar skills and experience charge for their time and experience and price your services accordingly.
  2. Great customer service is crucial to success. Customers of professionals service firms are the key to the company’s success, so prioritize listening to and meeting the client’s needs.
  3. Strong marketing to promote yourself is important. You want to show the world that you have a great reputation and are confident that you can provide this service better than the competition. Building a strong personal brand will help your business gain recognition.

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