Selling Steps

  • The best first step is to do a business valuation to determine how much your business is worth, its readiness, ability to sell and of course, the right timing.
  • It is best to sell when the business is somewhat profitable, so it may be best to increase profits, have consistent income figures and a strong customer base before selling.
  • Prepare all financial documents. Gather financial statements and tax returns dating back three or four years. Review these with your accountant.
  • Develop a list of equipment, create a list of contact related to sales transactions. Gather up any leases etc…
  • Now it is time to reach out to potential buyers. Selling the business yourself will save you money and it is always best to sell to a trusted family member or current employee. Determine if potential buyers pre-qualify for financing.
  • You can also employ a broker to assist with the sale, but this will lessen your sales price.
  • Try to get the signed agreement into escrow.
  • Obtain the bill of sale, assignment of the lease and a security agreement which has the seller retain a lien on the business.

Non-Compete Agreements

A new buyer of your business may have you sign a non-compete agreement to ensure you do not start a new, competing business which may steal customers away.

Profits From the Sale

Take a few months before spending all the profits from the sale. Outline your financial goals. Understand all tax consequences. Invest the money for long-term benefits.

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