Why Trademarking Your Logo is Great for Your Business and How Trademarks Help

Whether you realize it or not, Trademarks are all around you influencing your purchasing decisions. A trademark is symbol or word that represents your company or product and is a very important asset that helps grow your business. Think about McDonald’s golden arch, ‘You’re Fired’ from The Apprentice, Nike’s swoosh symbol or the gecko in Geico. These symbol and words conjure up images about that business in your head. Be sure to choose a name or symbol that identifies your business distinctly.

How Trademarks Help Your Business

  • Communicate effectively. Symbols are recognized globally, regardless of what language someone speaks.
  • Make it easy for consumers to locate you. If they know your business and reputation well, they are far less likely to seek alternatives.
  • May be the first thing customers enter when searching for products and services helping your business better use the internet.
  • Will grow the more your business reputation does and can even lead to a larger corporation wanting acquisition of your company.
  • Can be bought, sold, licensed or used as interest to secure a loan.
  • Invoke positive images about a business and employees are more likely to stay with a company they have positive feelings about and for.
  • Are inexpensive, but priceless at the same time.
  • Do not expire. Some of the most well known and loved companies have had their trademarks for over 100 years

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