What is the Difference Between Licensing and Franchising a Business?

Starting a business is exciting. It is essential to understand the different types of companies before deciding which one you want to create. Should you have an LLC or a corporation. Should you license or franchise?

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Probate Law

What is Probate? A Step-by-Step Guide to Explain the Probate Process

What to Probate? Probate is a court-supervised process that locates and determines the value of a person’s assets, pays the deceased’s final bills, and distributes the estate to any beneficiaries. Each state has its own probate code they follow.

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Pros and Cons of Arbitration

  Arbitrate or litigate. Which is best for solving a legal dispute? Well, it depends who you ask. First let’s look at the pros of arbitration It’s a more efficient way to resolve disputes, better than lengthy litigation, court hearing and trials. Next is cost – arbitration is usually less expensive than litigation, and there…

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Business Restructuring

Restructuring Your Business to Make It Recession Proof

COVID-19 An economic recession can occur at any time, without warning. COVID-19 was an unexpected event that brought many businesses to their knees, without warning. The swift and massive shock of the coronavirus pandemic and shutdown measures to contain it have plunged the global economy into a severe contraction.

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Professional Services

Professional Services – How to Start a Professional Service Company

What Are Professional Services? Does self-employment sound exciting? Is the business you want to start product-based or service-based? A service business provides expertise and creativity, not tangible goods. Professional service firms provide a service and their success is reliant on their skills and reputation.

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Landlord Tenant Disputes

If you are a business owner in South Florida, you may feel like the walls are closing in. The COVID-19 outbreak has forced you to close, or seriously restrict hours and limit your customer capacity. You’ve gotten behind on your rent, and you still haven’t received your government loan through the payroll protection program. If…

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