LOPJB As Your Business Consultant

We are happy to provide you the legal services that you would enjoy if your organization had inside counsel.  At our firm, we represent many businesses in this capacity and are happy to discuss your business’s legal needs as well.

Legal oversight of day to day business operations is a common and costly oversight of many businesses.  Simply put, legalities pervade nearly every aspect of your daily business decisions. Failure to properly understand and mitigate against unseen legal time bombs can often be the difference between the survival or extinction or your business.

If you’re being sued, it’s too late.  Regardless of the knowledge, skill or experience of an attorney, it is far easier to protect a business against potential problems than it is defend a business in a lawsuit or to gain full recovery for a business once legal action is brought.  If you’ve waited until the contract has been breached or until you’ve been served with a summons, it may be too late.  The time to start thinking about legal strategy is now.
One of the greatest benefits derived from considering legal issues in everyday business decisions and involving your attorney is the confidentiality of the communications. The attorney-client privilege is the backbone of the legal profession and can serve to protect the discovery of communications relating to important actions of your business.  When you directly engage your attorney in communications relating to certain business decision which require legal advice, strategy or decisions, the communications had may rightfully be held as privileged.  The value of this information remaining confidential cannot be overstated in terms of its importance in later litigation stemming from business transactions.

While it is important to note that merely parroting a conversation had with a non-attorney employee will not cause the subject conversation’s matter to be protected, direct engagement by yourself and other key decision makers with your business’s attorney will protect the contents of such communications so long as the attorney guides the legal decision making of the business.

Services that we, as your business attorney, can offer:

  • Business Risk Assessment:  A skill business attorney can evaluate your business processes and help you identify unneeded risk or potential for liability.  We can provide mitigating strategies and help you with implementation.
  • Management Decision:  As your business attorney, we can attend key management meetings, allowing us to anticipate  developing legal issues and identify legal issues that your management team may not recognize or may overlook.
  • Onsite Office Visits: We can come to your place of business and interact with key decision makers in key decision processes which require legal analysis.
  • Contract Review and Negotiation: We review and revise as necessary key form contracts and stand by your side during the negotiation of important deals.
  • Employment Issues: Our team can assist you in the navigation of  recruiting, hiring, discipline and termination policies to avoid costly claims and litigation. We also provide advice and counsel on making those important decisions.
  • Transactions:  We can assist your business in acquiring new businesses, raising capital or taking the business in new directions.
  • Litigation Management:  In addition to day to day advisement regarding your business operations, our team is comprised of skilled litigation attorneys who can help your office navigate the litigation process if and when it arises.
  • Compliance:  We can assist you with governance and compliance issues and, where appropriate, can take on a more active role in your organization.

Let us know how we can help your business.