Back in July, my husband and I were in the process of acquiring a vacation property in Palm Beach Gardens. I randomly came across your law firm on the internet earlier that day. We spoke briefly and at the end of our conversation, you provided me with Tara Maione’s name. Shortly afterwards, we located a property and started dealing with Tara.

There’s absolutely no way that I can fully capture and convey to you in this letter the outstanding level of service, professionalism and expertise that Tara consistently demonstrated throughout all the highs and lows, obstacles and frustrations that we experienced during the process of buying our condo. There were countless times when we came so close to packing it in. I can honestly say without any reservation that if it wasn’t for Tara, our dream of owning a Florida property would never have materialized.

Tara displayed endless patience with us as we learned the real estate process in Florida. I quickly came to trust her keen eye for detail and her methodical, rational approach in stressful situations. She always had our best interests in mind and expertly guided us through the course. In my 23 years as a bank manager, I’ve obviously dealt with many professionals, yet none even come close to the strengths and competencies that Tara clearly possesses. My husband and I are seasoned real estate investors, and many of our colleagues, friends and family are now also considering a retirement property purchase in Florida. I can’t possibly ever repay Tara for all that she has done for us, yet rest assured that at each and every opportunity, our referrals will find their way to her and your office for years to come.

It was important to me that you were aware of our experience with Tara. You are most fortunate to have a wonderful an asset as Tara on your Team!

Best regards, Client