If your business is facing a dispute that cannot be resolved informally between the parties, you may have to pursue litigation.

Litigation is one way that people and corporate entities resolve disputes. The parties rely on a judge or jury to determine the answer to legal questions or to resolve a matter.

Commercial litigation involves many complex legal issues which require knowledge of the law that governs the dispute, as well as the laws governing the procedures to be followed while litigating a case. For that reason, you need a specialized, experienced litigator by your side to achieve the best outcome in your case.

Arbitration and Litigation Attorney Paul J. Burkhart, P.L. says, “Our attorneys offer a variety of business law services and can handle matters for small, medium, and large business entities, as well as individual clients. We provide professional and personalized service to achieve the best possible results for our clients through our strong work ethic, experience, and commitment to success.”

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Paul J. Burkhart, P.L. provide personal, knowledgeable service to all of their clients, and have extensive experience in all areas of business litigation, including:

Partnership Disputes
Breach of Contract
Corporate Entity Creation and Wind-Up
Non-Competition Issues
Purchase and Sale Agreements
Real Estate related issues
Investor and Shareholder Issues

And more…

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