Adoptions are governed under Florida’s family laws and the process is handled through the Florida family courts. Our attorneys represent families in Palm Beach Gardens and throughout the greater Palm Beach County area. From Florida Open Adoptions and Florida Closed Adoptions to adoptions by step-parents, grandparents, and other relatives, our Palm Beach Gardens adoption attorneys help join families through the adoption process.

Adoption is one of the greatest gifts a family can receive, both for the adoptive parents and a child in need. Call the Law Offices of Paul J. Burkhart, PL at (561) 880-0155 to schedule a time to discuss your situation and how we can help build your family through an adoption.

Adopting a Child in Florida

Adoption law in Florida can be challenging and complicated unless you have an experienced adoption lawyer at your side. Our legal team works with adoptive parents, birth parents, adoption agencies, and extended family members to ensure the process is as stress-free and efficient as possible.

Our Palm Beach County adoption lawyers have experience handling a variety of adoption matters including uncontested adoptions, special-needs adoptions, international adoptions, domestic adoptions, and termination of parental right adoptions. Whatever your situation may be, you can count on our legal staff and attorneys to provide caring guidance and exceptional legal representation as you embark on this joyous and exciting step in your lives.

It is our goal to facilitate the adoption of children by loving, caring parents who want these children to become members of their family. Whether you are the birth mother or the prospective parents, you can be assured you will receive the respect and compassion you deserve as you go through the adoption process.

Courts and Adoption

The court is involved in an adoption to ensure that the adoption is in the best interest of the child. The goal is to place the child into a loving, healthy, stable household. Therefore, there are many factors that are considered during the adoption process. Working with an experienced adoption attorney can make the process less stressful because your attorney can take care of many of the steps and facilitate the other steps for you.

Even in an adoption where all parties consent, the paperwork must be correct so that you have no problems during the process or in the future. Our Palm Beach Gardens adoption lawyers help you by completing and filing the necessary paperwork, setting up home studies, interviews with social workers, and preparing you for all court hearings. We have successfully helped many clients secure permanent parental rights to a child that they want to become part of their family.

Uncontested Adoptions

Uncontested adoptions require the consent of the birth parents. While the process for an uncontested adoption may not be as complex as a contested adoption, you still want to have an experienced attorney to represent you so that no mistakes are made during the process that can delay the adoption or cause problems in the future. Most uncontested adoptions involve family adoptions, such as grandparent and stepparent adoptions, or private adoptions where the birth parents are voluntarily giving up their child.

Contested Adoptions

In some cases, it is in the best interest of the child that the parental rights of one or both parents are terminated. Termination of parental rights is usually warranted in situations of abuse, neglect, or abandonment. Contested adoptions can be very difficult and stressful. Our attorneys can help ensure that each requirement is met so that you do not need to be concerned about any problems after the adoption process is complete.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

If you have questions about adoptions or you are ready to begin the adoption process, we urge you to call our office to speak with an experienced Palm Beach County adoption lawyer. The Law Offices of Paul J. Burkhart, PL provides comprehensive Florida adoption services in a supportive, caring, and professional atmosphere.

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