Help! My Child Support is Too High! Paul J. Burkhart Can Help!

Help! My Child Support is Too High! What is Child Support? Child support is paid by one parent to the other parent based on the incomes of each parent and the amount of time sharing exercised by each parent. It is paid to allow the child the same or a similar standard of living as […]

Corporate Compliance

Corporate/Business Legal Compliance   Forming a business is an overwhelming undertaking that seems endless and corporate compliance is a big part of that. Business owners need to adhere to corporate compliance In addition to creating and marketing your business. This includes designing, implementing and monitoring policies and procedures and detecting potential violations. It is strongly […]

How to Sell Your Existing Business With These Selling Steps

Selling Steps The best first step is to do a business valuation to determine how much your business is worth, its readiness, ability to sell and of course, the right timing. It is best to sell when the business is somewhat profitable, so it may be best to increase profits, have consistent income figures and […]

Tips for Preventing Small Business Lawsuits

by Jane Haskins, Esq. If you own a small business, you’re probably more worried about cash flow and making the next sale than a possible lawsuit. But small businesses can and do get sued, and the legal fees alone can easily approach $100,000 if your case goes all the way to trial. The impact of a […]

Does Your Business Need an Employee Handbook?

Do I Need an Employee Handbook For My Business?   There is no law requiring a business to have an employee handbook, so is it really beneficial for your business to have one? An employee handbook outlines and informs your employees about the rules and regulations your company has. It allows them to find useful […]

The Arbitration Process Versus The Litigation Process

The Arbitration Process vs. The Litigation Process Arbitration is a different process than ordinary Federal or State litigation,  and while becoming more widely used, is still a  less familiar process than litigation. Depending on the nature of the dispute at hand, there are potential advantages and disadvantages of both processes and forums. The Litigation Process Litigation […]

Buying an Existing Business

Buying an Existing Business   Have you ever wanted to become your own boss by starting your own business, but did not where to begin? If so, it may make sense to purchase an existing business. Purchasing an existing business that is generating cash flow and profits is less risky. It also has an existing […]

Non-Compete Agreements

    Non-Compete Agreements   Non-compete agreements (NCA), non-compete clauses, or covenant not to competes are used in contract law. They are used to prevent a party, usually an employee or independent contractor from entering in or starting a similar profession or trade to prevent competition.   Are Non-Compete Agreements Enforceable in Florida? Under Florida […]

Local & County Business Tax Receipts

Local & County Business Tax Receipts   First and foremost, the Business Tax Receipt is proof of payment of the business tax. It is required before a business opens. Local business tax receipts(BTR) are issued by the Tax Collector’s Office. They are payable annually July 1 through September 30. They expire on September 30 and can be renewed on or […]

Why Trademarking Your Logo is Best for Your Business

Why Trademarking Your Logo is Great for Your Business and How Trademarks Help Whether you realize it or not, Trademarks are all around you influencing your purchasing decisions. A trademark is symbol or word that represents your company or product and is a very important asset that helps grow your business. Think about McDonald’s golden […]